IT Summit - Fall
Monday-Tuesday, October 11-12, 2021

SynerComm's 18th Annual IT Conference, in Brookfield, WI

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The traditional data center is dead, long live the new data center. The Roman Empire lasted for about 500 years, from 27BCE to 476CE, reaching its peak around 120CE. Despite all of the contributions of the Roman Empire, plumbing, roads, judicial system, just to name a few; it's fall was inevitable, mainly due to becoming too large to operate centrally with any type of efficiency and security. The traditional data center is a few years past 120CE as compared to the Roman Empire, not unlike the Roman Empire the traditional data center is failing because of loss of centralized control. The traditional data center is dead, long live SASE and ZTNA. Join us to explore the decline of the traditional data center, the rise of more agile architectures and learn a few random facts about the Roman Empire, as we discuss the decentralized new "data center" by implementing the concepts of SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) and ZTNA (Zero Trust Network Access).

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Tony Sabaj

Head of Channel Security Engineering
Check Point

Anthony (Tony) Sabaj is currently the Head of Channel Security Engineering for the Americas at Check Point, with over 25 years of experience in the Cyber/Information/Network security industry. Tony has been at Check Point since 2002 in a variety of sales and technical roles including starting and building the Channel Team in North America. Prior to joining Check Point Tony was a Senior Product Manager at Telenisus, a startup MSSP/VAR in Chicago. In 2001 the MSSP business of Telenisus was sold to Verisign to start their MSSP business and the VAR business was sold to Forsythe to start their Security Practice, Tony joined Forsythe shortly after that acquisition as a Security Consultant and Certified Check Point trainer. Tony started his career with Arthur Andersen/Andersen Consulting, building their worldwide IP network, designing the security controls for the firm and helping build their external Security Consulting Practice.