IT Summit - Fall
Monday-Tuesday, October 11-12, 2021

SynerComm's 18th Annual IT Conference, in Brookfield, WI

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Learn from and collaborate with your peers, our business partners, and the SynerComm team on the latest strategies to align IT with your business objectives.

Leadership, Architectural, and Operational professionals in medium to large enterprises and service providers. SynerComm's IT Summit is a free 1.5 day conference for qualified attendees.

SynerComm is an IT Center of Excellence providing security, compliance, and infrastructure solutions tailored to our enterprise and service provider clients' unique needs.

  • Monday Workshop

    PAN-OS 10.0 Capture the Flag Competition

    Join cybersecurity peers and experts for our capture the flag event to hone your skills and knowledge to help you combat future security threats, all while enjoying beverages and grabbing some cool prizes.

Focus Areas


  • Secure Digital Transformation

    • Take the journey and lesson's learned from a startup to the 3rd generation of an ML/AI engine used to transform enterprise Wi-Fi. Meet your newest team member your virtual AI Assistant!
    • IT keeping up with the pace of business and innovation
    • Aligning risk, compliance, and maturity models to drive and measure efficacy
    • Strategies and Lessons Learned from Recent Breaches: Are You Making the Same Mistakes a legal perspective?
  • Cloud, Systems, and Innovation

    • Multi-Cloud/Hybrid Cloud full-stack engineering use cases integrating new service delivery models (Cloud, SaaS, Mobility, IT/OT, IoT, etc.) into your workflows in Azure and AWS environments
    • End Node and Perimeter Security Controls - Integrations that make the system greater than the parts
    • EDR, NDR, SDP, CASB and ML/AI capabilities - What will work best for your environment
  • Information Assurance

    • Continuous Attack Surface Management and pentesting with SynerComm's SaaS CASM Engineā„¢ Playbooks
    • Continuous Penetration Testing - Bridging the Gap Between Point-in-Time Penetration Tests
    • Adversary Simulation - Combining the best of Audit and Penetration Testing
    • Auditing and Penetration Testing your Azure and AWS environments
    • Lessons Learned from Penetration testing - What Should Keep You Up At Night?
    • Surviving Ransomware - How prepared is your organization?
  • SDLC and SecDevOps

    • What else should our team(s) be doing? - A BSIMM guide to security best practices
    • The power of the modern IDE - Useful tools for secure, high quality code
    • Container Security 101 - A guide to securing containerized deployments