IT Summit - Fall
Monday-Tuesday, October 11-12, 2021

SynerComm's 18th Annual IT Conference, in Brookfield, WI

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Businesses face an increasing set of IT security regulations and contractual requirements. At the same time, IT organizations are asked to do more with less. The result is a perpetual state of reactive security. This a cultural condition that can drive a vicious cycle between business leadership and IT security leadership: The security team seems increasingly challenged, the business seems increasingly cautious over security investments. The result is cybersecurity debt and a company facing greater and great levels of risk. Everyone involved wants less cybersecurity risk for the organization but struggles to tackle it efficiently and effectively.

Constantly executing without a plan breeds a reactive culture. Move your company's security from a position of being reactive to a position of being proactive, comprehensive, continuous, and measurable. A little effort can go a long way to align business and IT security leadership, and build a new cycle where security investments lead to measurable security.

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