IT Summit - Fall
Monday-Tuesday, October 11-12, 2021

SynerComm's 18th Annual IT Conference, in Brookfield, WI

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Leadership does (or should) want to understand where cybersecurity weaknesses exist, what the IT Security organization is doing about it, and what impact that effort is having. Unfortunately, many companies experience disconnects between business leadership and IT security leadership. This disconnect often exists just below the surface of communication and results in a tenuous, suspicious relationship. The business is hesitant to invest in new security, the security team suspects the business views them simply as a cost. When a security breach occurs, the disconnect becomes painfully obvious. Both "sides" react to protect the business, but it often too little too late, and the suspicion grows.

Despite having a plan, businesses commonly "measure" security posture based on experiencing or not experiencing breaches. That is an unfortunately bad measure as not experiencing a breach does not inherently mean you are secure. Similarly, experiencing a breach does not inherently mean that you have been ignoring cybersecurity. When the business and IT security leadership continuously and effectively communicate regarding the company's cybersecurity posture, the business stands the best chance of deflecting and surviving breaches. Easier said than done.

A plan without execution is just as bad as execution without a plan. Move your company's security from a position of being reactive to a position of being proactive, comprehensive, continuous, and measurable. A little effort can go a long way to align business and IT security leadership, and build a new cycle where security investments lead to measurable security.

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