IT Summit - Fall
Monday-Tuesday, October 22-23, 2018

SynerComm's 16th Annual IT Conference, at Potawatomi Hotel & Casino

Registration Closed


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  • IT keeping up with the pace of business.

    • Integrating new service delivery models (cloud, mobility, IT/OT, IoT, etc.) and automation into your workflows
    • Establishing reference architecture Centers of Excellence and self-service portals
    • To Agile or not: choosing the right methodology to carry out your projects
    • Addressing the talent gap: in-house and/or outsourced skillsets
  • Align your Information Security Program (ISP) with your business.

    • Looking for answers: Am I secure? Is my ISP effective? How do I measure progress? Do I have the right controls?
    • Aligning risk, compliance, and maturity models to drive and measure success
    • Developing a System Security Plan for all of your compliance needs (NIST, PCI, HIPAA, GDPR)
    • Adversary Simulation - Combining the best of Audit and Penetration Testing
    • Building and operating a CIS Top 20 reference architecture - A Plan, Do, Check, Act approach

Learn from and collaborate with your peers, our business partners, and the SynerComm team on the latest strategies to align IT with your business objectives.

Leadership, Architectural, and Operational professionals in medium to large enterprises and service providers. SynerComm's IT Summit is a free 1.5 day conference for qualified attendees.

SynerComm is an IT Center of Excellence providing security, compliance, and infrastructure solutions tailored to our enterprise and service provider clients' unique needs.

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