DerbyCon 6.0 Recharge
Wednesday-Sunday, September 21-25, 2016

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DerbyCon isn't just another security conference. We've taken the best elements from all of the conferences we've ever been to and put them into one. DerbyCon is a place you can call home, where you can meet each other, party, and learn. Our goal is to create a fun environment where the security community can come together to share ideas and concepts. Whether you know Linux, how to program, are established in security, or a hobbyist, the ideal of DerbyCon is to promote learning and strengthen the community.

DerbyCon started originally through a group of us getting together: Originally a few of us (Martin Bos, Dave Kennedy, Alex Kah, and Adrian Crenshaw) got together at a pizza shop after a free Metasploit class in Louisville and talked about starting a conference. A year later, we hoped to get at least 400 people and ended up getting over a 1,000. We wanted to create a conference that was free of the politics and drama in the industry. A conference that got back to the roots of learning and sharing.

This is our sixth iteration of DerbyCon and we get better every single year. Join us for a family reunion – a place where everyone is welcome and we all work to better this industry.


September 21-25, 2016

Wednesday 09/21/2016 7:00AM Begin
Wednesday 09/21/2016 8:00PM End
Thursday 09/22/2016 5:00PM Begin
Thursday 09/22/2016 10:00PM End
Friday 09/23/2016 8:00AM Begin
Friday 09/23/2016 8:00PM End
Saturday 09/24/2016 8:00AM Begin
Saturday 09/24/2016 11:00AM End


Hyatt Regency
320 West Jefferson Street
Louisville, Kentucky 40202

Check out SynerComm's very own AssureIT team who will be presenting at the conference!

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As penetration testers we crack passwords all the time. Usually doing the same tasks over and over. Hashview is a new open source tool debuting at Derbycon. It aims to optimize your workflow using a web front-end to leverage hashcat. Our team needed a tool that was geared toward consultants. This means solving the following everyday challenges: Not sending your client's hashes to foreign services, job management, analytics worthy of going directly into your reports, reusing and synchronizing previously cracked passwords, optimizing your dictionaries and masks, improving your utilization by always making sure jobs are running. Hashview aims to solve these issues while saving you time and improving your quality of reports.
Casey Cammilleri & Hans Lakhan
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What does a year of pentesting produce? A plethora of tools and lulz. This talk will share plenty of both. Coming back for a 2nd year, SynerComm's Jason Lang and Scot Berner will drop a collection of new pentesting tools they've created over the year. Jason (@curi0usJack) and Scot have worked in enterprise security for over 10 years in both offensive and defensive roles. They have a passion for helping enterprise defenders who work tirelessly to protect their organizations, writing bug-free code (never happens), and telling a good story.
Jason Lang & Scot Berner